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Brokerage fees | Bulgarian Stock Market

BGN 1,000,000 turnover per quarter 0.30%
Requirement Brokerage fees, Bulgaria (min BGN 2.50 per trade)
BGN 25,000 turnover per quarter 0.50%
BGN 100,000 turnover per quarter 0.45%
BGN 250,000 turnover per quarter 0.40%
BGN 400,000 turnover per quarter 0.35%
  • There is no requirement for turnover per quarter for trading local corporate and government bonds with trading software Karoll Broker. But still you need to pay 0.20% or at least BGN 2.50 per trade.
  • You can trade all kinds of financial instruments (stocks, bonds, compensatory instruments, etc.) on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange through our branch. The brokerage fee is 1%, min BGN 20 per trade.

  • There is no commission or fee for acceptance and cancellation of buy or sell orders.


This information on this page is applicable to foreign clients of Karoll Brokerage company.


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Karoll and its clients are not subject to source taxation for their earned capital gains, according to the agreements on double taxation avoidance between Bulgaria, EU member-states and other countries. Dividends are taxed at source at a rate depending on each country’s tax legislation.


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