Managed accounts

Bulgarian investment brokerage Karoll provides Managed accounts service to institutional and wealthy investors.

Our main business is investing in Bulgarian securities on behalf of foreign institutions and corporations who entrust their assets to us.

What differs us from the competition is our focus on providing individual approach to each institutional client and portfolio created by Bulgarian brokerage Karoll’s top Research team of Chartered Financial Analysts and Senior Equity Research Analysts.

For over 15 years we - at Karoll Brokerage - have been providing Managed accounts services to our clients worldwide. Not only we offer global investment opportunities, but also Bulgaria has always been at the core of our expertise.

Our managed accounts service's promise and commitment is to offer corporations the most transparent view about what to do with their clients' assets in order to secure the financial future of next generations. Above all is our priority to satisfy particular period requirements of each of our clients.

Our personal approach and individual solutions to institutional investors' specific needs is what creates added value for the client. Together with our trustees we devise a plan to work on achieving the most comprehensive financial and investment goals. Our consultants are readily available to help investors of all kinds in meeting their biggest financial challenges in Bulgaria.

Managed accounts services for institutionals

In order to use our services in Bulgaria institutional investors need to contact us. We will be happy to discuss how we can help you get access to lucrative opportunities in Bulgaria.

Managed accounts services for individuals

Even if you are an individual, you still can squeeze more juice out from our expertise, as large institutions do.

If you are intrested in our managed accounts services, you can contact us and make an enquiry.


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