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Professional software for online trading on the Bulgarian Capital Market - Karoll Broker

Our investment intermediary’s main product Karoll Broker - the result of 2 years of development and precise planning, combined with over 500 hours of tests in real-time market environment - is a professional software for online trading on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.







Why choosing Karoll Broker software for online trading of Bulgarian securities?

  • Market data refresh rate of less than 1 sec - one of the fastest software for trading Bulgarian securities;
  • Personal account access through digital certificate, user name and password;
  • Simultaneous price tracking of securities and full information on market depth (all buy/sell orders for each issue);
  • Quick and easy access to customer information like portfolio structure and value, orders, trades and other transactions, as well as filtering, sorting and exporting features;
  • Our software for trading on the Bulgarian Exchange offers user-defined layouts and appearance;
  • While using Karoll Broker software for trading Bulgarian securities you can choose from different skins available;
  • Online money transfer requests;
  • Notifications and news;


Ultimate trading software for both institutional and individual investors on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange

Karoll Broker has two levels of access to the Bulgarian Stock Exchange and thus offers direct market opportunities for both individual and institutional investors (including direct access for their clients). Our software for trading local securities provides two types of terminals – one for brokers and another one for end clients. The broker terminal provides full administrative access to your clients’ accounts. The client terminal allows direct market access for each of your clients on the Bulgarian Capital Market (using brokerage or asset management services) via individual terminals. In practice Karoll Brokerage’s trading software provides trading and administrative rights that are almost identical to the powers granted to brokerage companies with full Bulgarian Stock Exchange membership.



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