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Karoll is a leading Bulgarian investment brokerage, a part of Karoll Financial Group, which offers a full spectrum of financial services – stock exchange transactions, asset management, investment banking and insurance. The group also operates a private equity fund and a real estate investment trust (REIT) with a focus on farmland investments. Karoll is a member of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE) and the Central Depositary (CD). It is the largest BG online brokerage with more than 50 000 trades on the local exchange per year and assets under management exceeding EUR 170 million.

Discover some of the reasons why private and institutional investors choose our services:

Best performer on the market locally:

  • Best Online Brokerage firm for 17 consecutive years with the biggest number of transactions executed on the local Stock Exchange in Sofia ("Bulgarian Stock Exchange", 2002-2018);
  • Best BG Online Brokerage firm of the year for 3 consecutive years ("Banker daily newspaper", 2006-2008);
  • Best Online Brokerage firm with outstanding contribution to the development of the Bulgarian Capital Market ("Bulgarian Stock Exchange", 2012);
  • Consistently among the top 5 investment services providers in the country in terms of traded volume;
  • Best BG Online Brokerage by number of customers.

 Pioneers in financial services:

  • Karoll is the Best Online Bulgarian Brokerage and was the first to offer electronic trading on the BSE (back in 2003) as well as instant access to international markets for local clients;
  • Karoll is the Best Online Bulgarian Brokerage and a pioneer in margin trading and short selling on the BSE;
  • Karoll is the Best Online Bulgarian Brokerage which managed the first IPO in the history of the capital market in the country;
  • Karoll Financial Group is the founder of the first domestic equity mutual fund and the first private equity fund.

Special services for institutional clients:

In Karoll we believe in prompt financial data and liquidity when it comes to successful investments in emerging markets like Bulgaria. We strive to be a reliable partner to our institutional clients and we provide some extra services specifically catered to their need such as:

  • Alerts for corporate events;
  • Financial reports;
  • Rigorous research and in-depth analyses;
  • Package flows info;
  • Personal assistance;
  • Online reporting;


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